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mE-book™ Personalization Tips

Quick Tips:

Sidney the Squirrel has some helpful personalization tips for you...

  • Customize as few or as many characters as you want for the same price.

  • For best results, customize at least 5 character names (when available). The more names you customize, the more fun mE-books are to read. Items left blank will be completed with default information.

  • Specify names that are appropriate for each character's gender.

  • Need additional male/female characters? Use first name as last name of opposite sex to lose gender specificity. For example, Betty could be used as a last name for a male character, i.e. Joe Betty. Alternatively, put a twist on the name to change its gender. For example, Bob can become Bobbie.

  • First names and last names must each be single words only. To use more than one word, remove the space (i.e. MarySue not Mary Sue and VonDermer not Von Dermer). Do not use any symbols.

  • Provide exactly what is requested (i.e. if you can customize only the first name, provide only a first name; if you can customize both first and last names, provide both names).

  • Do not use proprietary names or trademarks.

  • Requests deemed objectionable (e.g. ones containing vulgar/questionable language) will not be honored.

  • Use first or last names as either first or last names. For example "John Smith" can become Smith John.

  • Use place names (i.e. city names) as first or last names. For example, use Washington as a first or last name.

  • To avoid confusion, do not use the same name twice in any manner (i.e. as both a first and last name or for two different characters).

  • Combine names for a fun twist. For example, combine Mary and Frank to form Mary Frank or Frank Mary.

  • Review mE-book FAQs for additional information.

  • Click here for terms information.

  • Refer to message below for important information

  • To personalize a particular mE-book™, click here (FAQ).

Names to Consider

mE-books™ may be customized with names of:

"Show Your Love! Make Your Family & Friends Stars Today!"

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Important Information / Terms Regarding mE-book Personalization

Please note the following...

Despite any realistic sounding names and/or other circumstances, all fictional mE-book™ characters and events are entirely fictitious. Any similarly to actual persons or events is purely coincidental on the part of B.F.S., our affiliates, agents, employees, representatives, and providers (referred to below as "our"). This publication is available with default character names - in other words, no names are required to be personalized. Personalization is provided as a tool for increasing reader interest and enjoyment at the sole option of the original purchaser. This unique feature should be enjoyed in a fun spirit and never used to offend any party in any way. You must exercise good judgment when personalizing character names. If you are not certain how someone will react to personalization or if someone will respond negatively, do not include any reference to that person(s) (i.e. actual name spelling, phonetic spelling, first/last/middle name, nickname, or any other reference) with your personalization request. Character names must not be selected with an intent to harm/label/or otherwise injure any party. Also, do not include proprietary names or trademarks with your personalization request. Keep in mind when personalizing that characters may have undesirable characteristics or be involved in undesirable circumstances. The information provided regarding characters is not a complete listing of all characteristics and events surrounding each character. For your convenience, a review edition of this title with default names (only) is available. You may purchase this edition to assist in your personalization request. For information on purchasing a review edition, contact us via e-mail or online form. Be sure to indicate the title you are interested in. mE-books™ are not intended to have similarity to actual persons or events. Do not in any way seek to name characters in such a way as to attempt to circumvent the fiction element of the product. If there is any similarity between mE-book™ characters and actual persons or events, it is unintentional on our part. The purchaser is entirely responsible for any negative outcome of personalization, whether any resulting injury is intentional or not/foreseeable or not. The purchaser must indicate to all applicable parties that characters names do not refer to actual persons or events, living or otherwise and must never state or infer otherwise to any party.  

We may lengthen, shorten, truncate, modify etc. any part(s) your personalization request without any liability at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to make capitalization / spelling / punctuation, etc. changes at our sole discretion without liability. We may alter name(s) to better fit our requirements/guidelines at our sole discretion without any liability. If we deem that a request is incorrect or otherwise unacceptable, we may change your order without any liability at our sole discretion. We will not be responsible for personalization errors resulting from illegible / unclear request(s). Unpersonalized character names will be replaced with default names. Incorrectly/unsuitably personalized character names may be altered/replaced with default names at our sole discretion without liability. We may change/create nicknames of our choice for a character if not included by you or if we deem your requested nickname is not suitable at our sole option without any liability. Do not include any of the following with your personalization request: paragraphs, special text, symbols, etc. Do not request personalization protected by copyright or trademark. Note that some or all personalizable elements may have size limitations or other restrictions. We may make any change(s) to any personalization request for any reason at our sole option without liability. We may fail to honor personalization requests on an individual character by character basis or in their entirety at our sole discretion without liability to us. You are solely responsible for the outcome of personalization. For best results, carefully adhere to all our tips / suggestions / etc. It is our policy not to redo orders, so personalize carefully for best results. By ordering, you indicate your agreement to our all our FAQs / guidelines / other terms (collectively referred to as "terms"). Note that any changes we make to your order may be made without prior notice and we will not be liable for any outcome of any change(s) made. We will not be responsible for any personalization error(s), regardless of cause. To redo your order for any reason, it is our policy to charge for a new order at current prices. We may refuse, change, or fail to honor requests at our sole option without any liability. Personalized products are not returnable or exchangeable. Be sure to CAREFULLY review all information and terms regarding mE-books before ordering. All information / terms contained herein are incorporated as part of our "Terms of Use". Click here for additional terms information.

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