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mE-books™: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Meshka the Mouse

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Note: For assistance with questions not listed below, refer to bfsnet FAQs. For additional assistance, try site contents

Q.  What is a mE-book?

A.  A mE-book is a unique, customizable reading experience in which you customize fictional character names and/or add a personalized message. mE-books are read on-screen (or you may print chapters if desired).

Q.  How is a mE-book personalized?

A.  After purchasing your mE-book, complete and submit an online personalization request. The web address for personalization requests is Replace "???" with the lower case letters corresponding to the first letters of the book's title. For example, use "tfb" for the book entitled "The Fun Book". You will be asked to submit the online form containing your requested personalization. Follow the onscreen instructions.   

Q.  How hard is it to personalize a mE-book?

A.  It's easy. On the personalization request form, simply enter your desired names and other information (e.g. personal message, order number) and submit the form. We do the rest.

Q.  Can I re-personalize a mE-book?

A.  We personalize mE-books based on your personalization request. Once personalized, mE-books cannot be changed. For additional information regarding personalization, refer to questions contained herein. 

Q.  When should I submit the personalization request?

A.  The personalization request should be submitted immediately. If your personalization request is not submitted within 2 days, we may ship your mE-book with default information.  

Q.  What is the default information?

A.  Each mE-book title contains default names and other information. If personalization is not specified or is not requested in a timely manner after purchase, default information (i.e. default character names) may be used. Also Note: Default information may also be used for any other reason (e.g. language deemed offensive), at our sole option and with no recourse.

Q.  Do I need to customize all available names?

A.  No. You may customize as few or as many as you like. When possible, customize at least 5 character names for best results. For best results, customize most prominent characters. Default information may be used for the remaining elements.

Q.  Are there names I shouldn't use?

A.  Depending upon the title, some names are not recommended. To view list of names not recommended for a particular title, go to Replace "???" with the lower case letters corresponding to the first letters of the book's title. For example, use "tfb" for the book entitled "The Fun Book". Also, personalization must be in accordance with our terms. For additional terms information, click here  

Q.  What elements of a mE-book are customizable?

A.  The personalizable elements of a mE-book vary by title. Some mE-books allow for character personalization while others simply allow a personalized message. To view the personalized elements of a particular mE-book, go to Replace "???" with the lower case letters corresponding to the first letters of the book's title. For example, use "tfb" for the book entitled "The Fun Book".  

Q.  Will you change my personalization request?

A.  Personalization is at our discretion and we reserve the right to make changes. In some cases, we may change or omit information from a personalization request. Please refer to terms for more information.

Q.  How can I find out about character roles?

A.  On the personalization request form, simply click on the underlined text corresponding to the character name to display selected information regarding that character.

Q.  Do you provide mE-book personalization tips?

A.  Yes. Click here to view general mE-book personalization tips. For information regarding personalizable elements in a specific mE-book title, go to Replace "???" with the lower case letters corresponding to the first letters of the book's title. For example, use "tfb" for the book entitled "The Fun Book". Also see questions above for additional personalization information.

Q.  When will you ship my order?

A.  Our shipment policy is in accordance with bfsnet's shipping policy. However, your order may be delayed if we do not receive a personalization request in a timely manner or if there are problems with a personalization request.

Q.  How is my mE-book supplied?

A.  Subject to availability, mE-books may be supplied on a 3.5" diskette or CD-ROM. Note that CD-ROM versions, when available, may require an additional charge. Also note that exceptionally large mE-books may only be available on CD-ROM. For current availability / pricing, see shopping cart.

Q.  What special equipment or software is needed to read a mE-book?

A.  mE-books do not require any specialized equipment or software. mE-books are read on your computer and no specialized software is required. Click here for system requirements

Q.  How many times can you read a mE-book?

A.  Unlike some e-books, you own a mE-book and you may read it as many times as you like.

Q.  Are mE-books easy to use?

A.  mE-books are very easy to use. If you know how to use help, you may already know how to use a mE-book. mE-books contain familiar, easy to use options such as bookmarking, annotation, and printing. They also contain options such as find and indexing to help you locate specific information.      

Q.  Are mE-books easy to read?

A.  mE-books are easy to read onscreen since you can change various elements to suit your reading preferences. For example, you may be able to change font sizes or screen sizes. We also attempt to offer titles with short chapters for easiest onscreen reading. To move forward or backward in a mE-book, you simply click on the "<<" or ">>" buttons. 

Q.  I heard that mE-books are "safe reading". What does that mean?

A.  mE-books are "safe reading" because we select titles that are free from profanity, graphic violence, anti-God/Jesus messages, or lewdness. They are great reading either for gifts or for yourself. Note: Some titles may not be recommended for children.

Q.  Are there any hidden charges for mE-books?

A.  There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Our pricing policy is in accordance with bfsnet's pricing policy. Additional options may be available for some products at an extra charge [i.e. for gift wrapping, rush orders (if available), diskette holders, etc.], but such options, when available, are at your sole discretion. 

Q.  What if I made a mistake on my personalization request?

A.  If you made an error on your request, immediately submit another online personalization request and append a "9" to the beginning of your order number. Be sure that your revised request is complete and accurate and submit it without delay. The revised request may supercede the original request. If we receive more than one personalization request, we may choose which version to use. Note that revisions may delay shipment. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a revised request can be honored. If your order has already been initiated, prepared or shipped, corrections cannot be made. Note that we are not responsible for errors.

Q.  I am having problems with the personalization form. What should I do?

A. If you experience problems with the personalization form, review all instructions and FAQs. If you still encounter difficulties, contact us at once. Note that if we do not receive your completed personalization request form within two days, we may personalize your mE-book with default information. To notify us regarding problems with the personalization form, try calling us by phone (click here for contact information). Be sure to indicate your name, order number, and e-mail address.

Q.  Where do I get an order number?

A.  To submit a personalization request, you will need to supply your order number. After you checkout, you will be provided with an order number (refer to on screen invoice or e-mail) that may be used. Do not share your order number with others.  

Q. How can I purchase additional copies of my mE-book?

A.  When available, additional copies may be purchased at a discount when ordered together. Note that all copies must have the same personalization. During checkout, choose the option for additional copies to purchase discounted additional copies. All copies must be shipped together for the discounted price.

Q.  How can I purchase two (sets of) copies of a particular mE-book, each with separate personalization?

A.  All (sets of) copies of a mE-book title on the same order will be personalized the same. To personalize them differently, you must create separate orders for each desired personalization request. Note that shipping charges may apply on a per order basis. 

Q.  How do I personalize each mE-book when multiple titles are included on the same order? 

A.  To personalize, complete an online personalization request for each title. Note that each mE-book title has its own personalization request form which is specific to that title. For assistance with personalization requests, refer to the questions above. Note that you may use the same order number to personalize each title on your order.


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