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PencilPersonalization Request Form 

mE-book™ Title: "A Company Killing"

Once you have placed your mE-book order, customize your mE-book using the Personalization Request Form below within two days.

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To use this form... 

  • To move from field to field, use the Tab key. Do NOT use the Enter key. The Enter key submits the form.

  • Do not reload this form - e.g. do not refresh this page or navigate to another page in the same window - as this form may reset (returning all fields to their default settings)

  • Default information is provided below and will be used unless changed. To customize, simply select and key over default text with your desired information. Note: Default information may also be used for any other reason (e.g. language deemed offensive), at our sole option and with no recourse.

  • Capitalize first letter of all names!

  • Do not leave any fields blank (min. name length is 2 characters). 

  • Do not include spaces in character names or any symbols.

  • Check all fields before submitting your request.

  • For more information regarding a character (or other field), click on the underlined text.

  • Click here for names to avoid in this title

  • Click here for additional personalization tips

  • Click here for terms information

  • Questions? Click here to review mE-book FAQs

  • If your request is sent successfully after a message is displayed (e.g. the message that may be displayed after clicking a button on this form), this does not necessarily mean that any/all items in your request have met the criteria for any given mE-book. Rather, this message refers to generic form criteria only (e.g. that no required fields were left blank)

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