mE-book™ - Featured Title: "A Company Killing"

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mE-book™ Featured Title: "A Company Killing"

"A fascinating and realistic novel you'll never forget!"

"A Company Killing" by Lynn Harrison

This Title Features More Than 20 Personalizable Characters!"A Company Killing" Cover Graphic

Type: Fiction

Audience: Young Adult to Adult    [Not recommended for children] 

Author: Lynn Harrison

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Plot Summary:

This intriguing emotional drama details the tragic transformation of an 'average, everyday guy'. Meek, but pushed to desperation, Morris takes matters into his own hands and is driven to murder his cruel and deceitful boss. Things are turning out much different than he could ever have imagined...      

This timeless tale, written with true moral regard, provides an interesting and positive message for readers. 

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"A Company Killing": Selected Quotations 

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"A Company Killing": Plot Summary

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